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Stretch Tents
As well as tipis we have a new style of modern tent called stretch tents.

Stretch tents offer an alternative to a traditional white marquee that is a flexible and unique covering for any occasion.

Stretch tents where pioneered in South Africa Made from a 3 ply strong, stretchable and waterproof fabric similar to neoprene fabric means that the canopy can be installed to suit almost and site conditions and restrictions.

The way in which stretch tents are held up means that they are highly adaptable to the ground on which they are set up. We have a range of different sizes, which means that you can have a configuration to generate the covering required for your event. The sides can be opened or dropped or a mixture of both to make your space perfect for the conditions of the day.

Event in a tent have spent time developing a method of combining both tipis and stretch tents to generate a one of a kind structure. Not only can we connect them to other tents but can also be connected to buildings to help bring the outside in.

Due to the highly durable fabric they can be installed for a weekend or a semi permanent installation.

Stretch tents are so versatile and adaptable they are the perfect structure for all kind of events from weddings and garden parties to product launch’s and festival stages

Stretch Tents

Due to the adaptable mature of the tents they can be set up to create an eye catching stand at a public event or to create different zones for different uses within a single area. Not only this but they can also be produced in almost any colour to complement for company colours as well being able to be printed with your chosen branding.

Stretch Tents

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